Monday, September 26, 2011

Introducing: Cam Burrows

With Michigan's 2012 recruiting class nearing completion, it provides time for us fans to focus on some rising 2013 prospects. While Michigan has landed some talented defensive backs in the 2011 and 2012 classes, they are still looking to take a couple more in the class of 2013.
Who is Michigan targeting at the DB position in 2013?
One prospect that Michigan has been in contact with is Trotwood-Madison (OH) CB Cam Burrows. Cam Burrows is a talented player that has potential to become not only one of the top defensive back prospects in Ohio, but one that has a chance to become a top player (at his position) nationally. As a sophomore, Burrows recorded 61 tackles and 6 interceptions.
Standing at 6'2 192 lbs., Burrows can match up physically with any wide receiver that comes his way. He has quick feet and a great backpedal. Burrows describes himself as a great cover corner, who can lower his shoulder and hit someone when needed. Burrows has to work on coming out of his breaks smoother, but overall he will be one of the most sought after recruits in the nation come seasons end.
After his visit to the UM-ND game, I caught up with Burrows for a quick interview.
SimplyComplex: How was your experience at the Michigan-Notre Dame game?
Cam Burrows: "My experience was great. Had a lot of fun."
SC: Did you meet with the coaches at all during your visit? What did you talk about?
CB: "Yes, Mark Smith, Coach Mallory, and the wide receiver coach. We talked about how good of a place Michigan was, and that I could trust them."
SC: How would you describe your style of play at the cornerback position?
CB: "I'm a cover corner, but can hit when I need to."
SC: Does Michigan have a shot at making your top group?
CB: "Yes, they have a good shot."
SC: What did you think of Michigan's throw back uniforms?
CB: "They were sweet, I liked them a lot."
SC: Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to make your college decision?
CB: "Not yet."
SC: What do you like about the Michigan defense?
CB: "Their coordinator is Greg Mattison, and I think they are a defense that is improving."
SC: Do you think you could make an immediate impact at Michigan?
CB: "I think I can make an impact at any college."
SC: What other schools are recruiting you besides Michigan?
CB: "OSU,UC, LSU, UCLA, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Northwestern, Iowa, Kentucky, Stanford, Colorado, Wisconsin, Purdue, Notre Dame, Missouri, Oregon etc."
SC: What are your strengths and weaknesses at the CB position?
CB: "Strengths-Covering skills, good hands.
Weaknesses-Coming out of breaks."
SC: Who are some people that inspire you in your life?
CB: "Life wise, it'd be my mom.
Football wise, it'd be Patrick Peterson."
Burrows will be one of the top prospects in Ohio come 2013. Right now, it seems Michigan is trailing OSU and ND for Burrows services. After his recent visit to Ann Arbor, Michigan will be a strong contender to secure a commitment for Burrows.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Interview with Erik Magnuson

As we get closer and closer to National Signing Day, many will start to reflect on Michigan's 2012 recruiting class. Michigan has been getting commitments from the usual states, Ohio and Michigan. In addition to Michigan and Ohio the Wolverines (in large part due to Brady Hoke and staff's connections in California) have been able to snag one of California's best prospects.

Erik Magnuson, courtesy of La Costa Canyon High School Football

That recruit is 2012 offensive line commit Erik Magnuson. Magnuson stands at 6'6 and 275 lbs., and will be asked to anchor the offensive line for Michigan for many years to come. Magnuson is one of Michigan's most highly regarded commits, because he provides depth and a need at the OL position. Magnuson's best attributes at the OL position are his versatility, athleticism, and his aggressive nature. Magnuson is a consensus 4* recruit on all four of the major recruiting services, and turned down the likes of USC, Stanford, Miami, Notre Dame, Oregon and many others.
Fresh off his visit from Michigan, I caught up with Magnuson for a quick interview.
SimplyComplex: Do you think that you have improved on your game from this season compared to last?
Erik Magnuson: "Yes a lot. I learned so much this off season from camps."
SC: Have you been recruiting any (California) kids? Like Jordan Payton, Darius Powe, Joshua Garnett (from Washington) etc.
EM: "Yes I have. Jordan was in Ann Arbor the same time I was. Josh is from Washington,but I'm really good friends with him and really want him to come and play next to me."
SC: What's your favorite thing about Michigan?
EM: "The game atmosphere and the fans."
SC: How would you describe the Michigan coaches? Attitude, personality etc.
EM: "They know how to win, and what it takes to win. Very family like."
SC: What was your experience like at the Michigan-ND game?
EM: "It was unreal, words can't describe how crazy it was. The fans were nuts. I loved it. Made me happy to think I'm going to be wearing that winged helmet one day."
SC: Besides Michigan, what other schools were in your top group?
EM: "ND, Oklahoma, Miami, USC, Oregon,and Texas."
SC: What do you think of Denard Robinson?
EM: "The dude is a crazy athlete. Lots of fun to watch."
SC: What is your high school teams expectations coming into this season?
EM: "To win San Diego."
Magnuson (#77) gets into position to make a block to spring his RB for positive yardage. Photo courtesy of La Costa Canyon High School Football and Tom Mills.

Magnuson will be visiting for the OSU-UM game this November. This will be Magnuson's 4th visit to Michigan in the past 8 months. Hoke and his staff have been recruiting Magnuson since his days at San Diego State. So they have kept up and maintained a great relationship with him over the past year.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Introducing: Ethan Pocic

Even though Michigan is bringing in a great offensive line class in 2012, they are looking to add more "big uglies" to their 2013 offensive line recruiting class. Michigan is only planning on taking 4-5 offensive lineman next year, so they must offer prospects who they feel will help improve Michigan's rushing attack for years to come.
Ethan Pocic from Lemont, Illinois.

One prospect that Michigan has been in contact with is offensive tackle Ethan Pocic from Lemont, Illinois. Ethan Pocic stands at 6'6 285 lbs., and has great size for an offensive tackle. Pocic is very strong as he can squat 420lbs., and bench 305 respectively. Pocic comes off the snap great quickness and generates a good push on the line. Pocic also has extreme toughness and isn't afraid to put players on their backs once he gets a hold of them. Even though Pocic has the ability to get to the second-level of the defense, he also needs to gain more strength and get down to a healthier weight.

After Pocic's visit for the Notre Dame-Michigan game, I was able to catch up with Pocic for an interview regarding his recruitment.

SimplyComplex: How was your experience at the ND-Michigan game?

Ethan Pocic: "It was crazy. I've never seen an atmosphere like it."

SC: What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are at the OL position?

EP: "My strengths are-Toughness,Quickness, and getting to the second level of the defense.
Weaknesses-getting stronger and getting down to a healthier weight."

SC: Which schools are you recruiting you besides Michigan?

EP: "Illinois,Purdue,Michigan St.,Wisconsin,West Virginia, Arizona,and Notre Dame have all offered."

SC: Who are your favorite NFL and College player?

EP: "I like to watch Adrian Peterson and the Bears defense."

SC: On your visit, Did you meet with any of the coaches?

EP: "Coach Funk, but only for like five minutes."

SC: Do you have a timeline for when you'd like to make your decision?

EP: "Don't know yet."

SC: Who in your life inspires you?

EP: "My family inspires me the most."

SC: I's distance a factor in your decision?

EP: "No, not at all."

SC: What's your favorite thing about Michigan?

EP: "Everything!(laughs) My favorite thing is their rich tradition."

SC: Could you see yourself attending Michigan?

EP: "Yes, I could see myself attending any school that is interested in me."

SC: Do you think Michigan fits your style of OL play?

EP: "Yes, definitely."

SC: What are you looking for in a college?

EP: "The coaches and players[are important]. And a winning tradition,too."
Pocic in pass protection.

Look for Michigan to offer Pocic in the coming weeks. Already a 4* prospect according to, Pocic will likely be one of the best offensive lineman in the 2013 class. Pocic has already taken unofficial visits to Notre Dame,Wisconsin, and Purdue. All we can hope for is Pocic to visit, and commit to Michigan so he can become the next Jake Long.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing: Devonte Moore

There's an up and coming junior running back from Lexington, N.C. that has flown severely under the radar nationally so far. With his season underway, he is hoping to turn some heads on the "recruiting trail."
Devonte Moore using his strength to shake off a tackler.
Devonte Moore,a 5-foot-9, 160 pound running back from North Davidson High School is a rising junior running back who has all the physical tools to be an elite back at the college level. As a sophomore, Moore rushed for 10 touchdowns and also returned a couple of kickoffs for touchdowns. Moore is already off to a fantastic junior season by rushing for 123 yards and 3 touchdowns against division rival East Davidson. In just 3 games, Moore has racked up 4 touchdowns and 300 yards. Moore's elite-ability to make quick cuts and have good vision while running are what makes Moore a special asset for his team. Clocking in at a reported 4.41 40 time, Moore can outrun defenders with ease. 

I was able to catch up with Moore for an interview about his recruitment.

SimplyComplex: What position do you play and what were your stats from last year?

Devonte Moore: "I play RB. I can't remember how many yards, but I know I had 10 or 11 touchdowns. Right now I have 300 yards."

SC: How many schools have been in contact with you?

DM: "I've been getting questionnaires from different schools, but that's about it."

SC: If Michigan were to offer you, would you strongly consider them as a possible destination for your college?

DM: "Yes, most definitely."

SC:  What are you looking for in a college?

DM: "A college that I would fit into and feel comfortable in. Size and love being able to meet new people."

SC: Whats your favorite college team?

DM: "I like Virginia Tech."

SC: Do you play on the defensive side ball?

DM: "No, just RB and KR."

SC: Who in your life inspires you to make the right decisions and put you on the right path to happiness?

DM: "'I'm inspired by my mom. She works really hard in pushing me to being the best I can be, and I want to show her that.

SC: What kind of impact do you think you can have at any college, as a football player?

DM: "Hard worker and love to compete with other people."
Moore juking defenders as he tries to gain yards.

Moore is in the early stages of his recruitment, but has been getting contact from schools like: Oklahoma and UCLA.AS the season looms on, I think he could be one of the most sought after running back recruits in the class of 2013. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brogan Roback Interview

By SimplyComplex (Edited by ScoutExile)

Out of options in the class of 2012 and facing a potential depth problem at the quarterback position, it looks as if Michigan might take 2 quarterbacks in the class of 2013. Many quarterbacks will be scarred away by competing with the likes of Shane Morris. Michigan will have to find a quarterback who is willing to come in and compete with Morris for the starting job.

Who could possibly give Shane Morris competition?

Morris is a special player, and not many quarterbacks in the class of 2013 (and for that matter, the class of 2012) have that kind of talent. Luckily, a few of these quarterbacks do indeed exist, and one grew up a Michigan fan less than an hour away from the Big House. St. John's Jesuit High School (Toledo) quarterback Brogan Roback is a special talent. As a sophomore, Roback completed 119 of 210 passes (57%) for 2179 yards, and threw 25 touchdowns (a school record) and just 5 interceptions.

Roback recently led the Titans to a win over Orchard Lake St. Mary's, completing 14 of 20 passes and throwing for 303 yards and 4 touchdowns.

At 6'4 185 lbs., Roback has the prototypical size of many college footballs best quarterbacks, but also boasts an estimated 4.65 40 time.

Roback definitely has the ability to gun the ball into tight windows, but also can put a little touch on the ball when needed. His uncanny accuracy and decision-making are his biggest strengths as a passer. Roback also possesses good pocket awareness, but has instincts and mobility that often give opposing defensive coordinators sleepless nights. At the next level, Roback is full of promise, and has the physical gifts and understanding of the game to grow and develop into a great quarterback.

Fresh off his visit to Michigan, I caught up with Roback for a quick interview.

SimplyComplex: How was your experience on Saturday, at the first night game at the Big House?

Brogan Roback: "It was amazing. I've been to almost every Michigan home game since I was four, and I've never seen an atmosphere like it before."

SC: With Shane Morris already commited to Michigan. Does his decision affect you possibly commiting to UM?

BR: "Morris being commited doesn't affect my decision too much. Its a great place and you can't be scared to compete."

SC: What schools are recruiting you, other than Michigan?

BR: "Other schools: Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Iowa."

SC: What do you like about the offense at Michigan?

BR:"I like how they run this new type of spread, coach Hoke has brought, it gives the QB a chance to be a playmaker."

SC: Do you have a set timeline for when you'd like to make your college decision?

BR: "I do not have a deadline, although my mind is basically set on deciding before my senior season."

SC: Were you in contact with any of Michigans commits at the game on Saturday? If so, which ones?

BR: "Yes, Chris Wormley and Allen Gant. I'm really good friends with them. I'm actually in the same football league as Chris."

Roback does not shy away from competition. History suggests that this approach has been successful for Wolverine QBs, even when they don't win the starting job. Every Wolverine quarterback that was highly-touted coming out of high school and was involved in a recent position battle has gone on to play professional sports (Drew Henson, MLB and NFL; Tom Brady NFL; Matt Gutierrez, NFL; Clayton Richards, MLB; Chad Henne NFL).

Roback will be considered as one of the top prospects in the state of Ohio in the class of 2013. Even though high school juniors cannot receive written offers until their first day of school, Roback already has two written offers from Bowling Green and Toledo. Despite the accolades, Brogan still has a good head on his shoulders and is humble. Like many recent recruits, he is the kind of kid that reflects the spirit of what Michigan represents. Keep an eye out for Roback receiving an early Michigan offer. Hopefully, good news for Wolverine fans will follow soon after.